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Holiday Village related questions

  • What are the check-in and check-out times for the holiday village?
    The check in time is 15.00 and the check-out time is 11.00
  • Are there any additional fees or taxes that will be added to the rental price?
  • Are there any restrictions on the number of people allowed in a unit or on the property?
    Yes max 6 people in a 6-bed house and max 4 people in a 4-bed cottage.
  • Is the rental price inclusive of internet access?
    Yes we have free WiFi in the village (not house no 11) but the speed and functionality can vary between different houses.
  • How do I make a reservation and what forms of payment are accepted?
    You can easily book house with boat (or without a boat) directly here on the website. Click "Book Now" on the top right corner.
    You can pay with credit/debit card online or with a bank transfer
  • Are linens and towels provided or do guests need to bring their own?
    Most guests bring their own but you can also pre-order sets of bedlinen and towels.
  • What is the cancellation policy for reservations?
    Please check our "Terms and Conditions" section here
  • Are pets allowed at the rental properties?
    Yes, but you need to watch them so they do not disturb other guests and take up whatever they drop on the ground.
  • Is there a minimum stay requirement for renting a property?
    In high season it is a minimum of 3 nights, in low season usually a minimum 2 nights.
  • Are there any parking facilities available?
    Yes there are room for one car outside each house. No problem.
    We do not have any parking space or allow Camper vans/Mobile homes to park in the holiday village.
  • Are there any shops or restaurants nearby?
    No we are in the midst of nature. Nearest restaurant is a boat trip away (you could rent a boat from us) or a 20 minutes walk to Järnavik.
  • Is it possible to charge our electric car in the village.
    Yes we have one free charger where you are allowed to charge for 4 hours (day time) before you need to move your car and allow other guest to charge.
    You are allowed to use this for no extra cost two times per week during your stay.
  • Is there a security deposit required and if so, how is it collected?
  • Are there any recreational activities available on-site or nearby?
    Outdoor activities, hiking, biking, swimming. Boat rental and kayak rental is on the site.

Boat related questions

  • What are the rental requirements for renting a boat?
    Please read the full section here
  • What is the rental process and how do I make a reservation?
    You can make a reservation for the boat at the same time you book a house/cottage. Or you can just book a boat directly on-line.
  • What is the cancellation policy for reservations?
    It is possible to pay for a cancellation while you book the boat. If you book both house and boat package you can read our full "Terms and Conditions" section here
  • Are there any age or experience requirements for renting a boat?
    No one under 18 years is allowed to operate the boats. Otherwise no experience or licence is required.
  • Are there any additional fees or taxes that will be added to the rental price?
    No not if no accidents or damages occur.
  • Are there any safety instructions or equipment provided with the rental?
    Life vests, sea chart, anchor, fuel and paddles are included. And a quick instruction how to operate the engine.
  • What is the fuel policy for the rental boats?
    12 liters is included. So you can return the fuel tank more or less empty. More fuel has to be bought from us or from the local gas station.
  • Can I bring my own life jacket or safety equipment?
    Of course but you don´t have to. We have life vests for you.
  • Are there any additional services offered such as boat instruction or guided tours?
    A quick instruction is included. Guided fishing trips have to be booked well in advance of your visit.
  • Are there any restrictions on the number of people on board?
    4-5 people is the maximum no of people on board.
  • Are there any insurance options available?
    No and yes, the boats have insurance for theft and Liability Insurance. But if you hit a rock with the motor really bad we split the repair cost. This means a 4000 SEK cost for you as the customer and we cover the rest.
  • Are there any restrictions on the usage of the boat at night or in certain weather conditions?
    You as the captain should always keep an eye on the weather and wind and never overestimate your and the boat's limitations.
    You are not allowed to operate the boat in the night since the boats are not equipped with lights/lanterns.
  • What are the boat pick up and drop off times?
    You can choose different pick up times when making the reservation but you could also call or e-mail us and we can agree on a time that is best for you (and us)
  • Is there a security deposit required and if so, how is it collected?
  • Are there any licences required for handling any of the boats you rent out?
  • What is the best time of year to fish for pike?
    Pike are typically most active in the spring and fall, but can be caught throughout the year. The last years I would say May until mid June and September to mid October has been the best periods.
  • What is the best bait and lures for pike fishing?
    Lures such as soft lures paddle tail baits, jerkbaits and also spinner baits are commonly used with good results.
  • What is the best type of rod and reel to use for pike fishing?
    A medium to heavy action rod paired with a reel with a good drag system is recommended for pike fishing.
  • Where is the best place to fish for pike?
    Pike can be found in a variety of fresh or brackish environments such as fresh water lakes and the brackish Baltic Sea. Normally the pikes in this area are caught on shallow water from 0,5 - 2 meters depth close to rocks and underwater vegetation.
  • How big do pike typically grow?
    Pike can grow to be quite large, with some reaching sizes of up to above 1 meter in length and weighing up to 10-15 kilos.
  • Are there any regulations or limits for pike fishing?
    There are some fishing regulations for certain species in certain times of the year. For example you are not allowed to fish for eel or cod any time of the year in this area.
    There are also a couple of bays in the area where fishing is not allowed 1st of January to 31st of May.
    We always want you to practise Cats & Release and put all pikes back in to the ocean. By law you are not allow to keep any pikes smaller than 40 cm or bigger than 75 cm and no more than 3 pikes per day. You will get more information on the sea charts and on our info board by the boats.




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