Svalemåla Boat Rental Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. According to Swedish law, it is illegal for boat operators to consume alcohol or drugs of any kind.
  2. Life vests are included in the equipment in the storage house. Please use the Life vests!
  3. Please put back all the equipment especially the fuel tanks in the locked storage house, every night!
  4. Please take care of our boats and engines.
    When switching gear go dead slow (gas in idle speed position),
    (a gear box breakdown cost approx. 1000 Euro to repair) ,
  5. Moor the boat properly on the intended places to the mooring booms and prepared moorings. The boat should be secured on our jetty (bridge) every night! Put the oars down inside the boat or into the storage house.
  6. Respect our simple rules for maneuvering the boat in the harbor area. See picture below and more information on the information board on the storage house on site.
  7. The boat should be returned cleaned and in the same condition as it was when you got the boat. Report every new damage, equipment that is non-functioning or equipment that has been lost and is missing.
  8. Any time you are in less than 1 meter of water go dead slow, this means as slow as the boat will go and still be in gear. If the water depth is even lower, turn of the engine, use the oars. If the propeller hit the bottom/underwater rock when rotating, the gear box might break.
  9. Boats are intended for use by the certified number and weight of passengers and gear. Do not overload boats. Maximum no. of passengers is 4 adults/boat
  10. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to operate our boats.
  11. All boat operators must have a mobile phone on board to be able to call for help/assistance.
    - Svalemåla Stugby +46 708 18 00 22
    - Swedish Sea Rescue Non-emergency help +46 200 29 00 90
    - Is life in danger? Call 112
  12. When renting a boat you automatically agree to the rules and regulations above. You are personally responsible for any damage to our boats, other boats or other property caused by your violation of safe boating regulations and/or of Svalemåla Boat Rental and Conditions of Use. This agreement and information is always distributed to the customer or/and is included in the equipment when renting a Motor boat in Svalemåla Stugby. The person booking the boat/boats is personally responsible for ensuring that the other guests in the company comply with the above rules and are liable for any damage in the event of violations thereof. See price list on the information board on the storage house on site.
    When you have caused an accident on a motor then you can not request to have a replacement engine. If we have extra motors, we will do our best to solve the situation.
  13. If you rent a boat together with accommodation, you will have access to the boat from the day you arrive until the evening before your day of departure. The days with the boat can be found in your booking confirmation email.
  14. 12 liters of fuel is included (full tank) when you get your boat, and does not have to be refilled before your departure.